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Uncompromised flavor from R.e.d.d.'s Energy Bar

Uncompromised flavor from R.e.d.d.'s Energy Bar

If you’re anything like me, odds are that you’ve stood in the snack bar section of your local health food store in search of a tasty and nutritious snack while simultaneously in total disbelief of just how wide the array of selection is. Making this selection never fails to suck up an embarrassing amount of time that I could otherwise be spending meal prepping or even playing with my dog. Much to my dog’s playtime demise, I went to the store earlier and put in the time for you in order to find an energizing bar worth your while.

The Bar

Meet the R.e.d.d. Peanut Butter Energy Bar. A bar so delicious, it hardly feels (hint taste) like a bar with such dense nutritional ingredients. The company’s tagline, “Uncompromised”, speaks to their dedication to providing quality ingredients despite price.

The texture’s a peanut butter fan’s creamy and chewy dream come true. I loved the easy to read packaging that details all of the nutritional information I care about smack dap on the front. This is actually initially why I picked it up. I didn’t have to spend so much time squinting trying to read fine print like many of the other bars I picked up.



Packed with quality

  • 10g protein

  • 11 superfoods

  • 19 vitamins + minerals

  • 35 MG Caffeine (from Yerba Mate extract)

And don’t worry friends, it’s vegan, gluten free, soy free, and NON-GMO. It’s got a total of 28g of carbs, 13g of sugar, and 240 calories in total.

Superfoods spotlight

R.e.d.d.’s packed with 11 superfoods, here are my favorite :

  • Maca powder (500mg)

    This root grows in Peru and is known for it’s powerful energizing and adaptogenic properties. In addition, this ingredient helps with hormone regulation and has been shown to boost your love life. That’s right, maca’s shown to contain aphrodisiac qualities that enhance libido!

  • Yerba Mate (35 mg)

    Think MENTAL CLARITY. Yerba mate’s meant to stimulate your mind, body, and heart with properties that mirror a cup of coffee. It’s also got more antioxidant qualities than green tea.

  • Goji berries

    I can berrily contain my excitement about this particular berry. Balancing the energy packed into this bar is the calming nature of these berries. Not only has it been associated with quality sleep, but it’s full of complex carbs which means your body will actually break them down slower and in doing so it will avoid the sugar crash. It’s also packed with Vitamin C meaning it’s an antioxidant, as if you needed any other reason to love on these.

Find the full list of superfoods on their site! (PS. they include details on each individual ingredient which means I don’t have to search all over the web for all 30+ ingredients.)


Worth the feeling

I was pleasantly surprised with how energized I felt after eating this. It was the perfect pick me up/snack all in one and I only spent $2.99 on it! It definitely beat consuming the amount of caffeine in yet another cup of coffee and wasting the time away trying to read the fine print on the back of every energy bar to make sure I wasn’t consuming low quality ingredients. The truth is that you feel like you’re consuming high quality ingredients from a company who cares enough to be transparent about each of them on their site. I can’t wait to go pick up the rest of the flavors (Looking at you, Salted Caramel).

Next time you’re craving some clean and quilt free energy and don’t want to compromise taste, pick up a R.e.d.d.

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