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Antioxidant Queen: The Acerola Cherry

Antioxidant Queen: The Acerola Cherry

Unless you’re a sundae fiend, cherries are probably not part of your daily or even weekly nutritional intake. There is, however, a type of cherry that trumps over all others in the cherry kingdom: the Acerola cherry. This functional fruit’s also known as the Barbados cherry, West Indian cherry, Wild Crepe Cherry, or seriz. It grows in Central America, across the Caribbean, southern Mexico, and even in the USA in both Texas and Florida.

Vitamin C = Antioxidant

The real reason you need to start adding acerola cherries into your diet is because of the amount of Vitamin C and flavonoids it contains. It’s got 13x (that’s right, thirteen times) the amount of vitamin C than a comparable portion of orange juice. Antioxidants slow down the aging process and fight off free radicals that enter your body’s cells through processed foods and environmental toxins (think tobacco, alcohol, and just unavoidable pollution). It’s also supports natural collagen production which means more amino acids fueling the bod for it to efficiently break down food!

& other really good nutrients

Acerolas have Vitamin A which also works as antioxidant, but it’s got additional health benefits like:

  • Improved overall eye health

  • Helps repair skin acne

  • Boosts teeth and soft tissue formation.

  • Plus, it’s a really great source of iron, too.

Don’t lose the flavonoids

Flavonoids, the rich antioxidants, in Acerola have been observed to be lost in the juicing process, so consider other ways to gain all of the antioxidant benefits while consuming this deliciously tart fruit.

Skip Turmeric, Choose Curcumin

Skip Turmeric, Choose Curcumin